Male sexual function depends on dozens of reasons, ranging from the costs of parenting in childhood to diabetes and vascular problems. How to deal with these problems? Svetlana Choyzhinimaeva, Head Physician, Tibetan Medicine Clinic "Naran", MD, Moscow: - According to statistics, today half of men over 40 are prone to sexual weakness. Why do they drag power so early?


If you are very cold, after the massage you need to put mustard on your socks and sit for about an hour.
lso enhances blood circulation in the kidneys and pelvic organs massage of the sacrum and buttocks. After these manipulations, diuresis (urination) will increase.
Nine to eleven days of such procedures - and inflammatory processes in this area, especially chronic ones, are moving off the ground. For the same purpose, you can buy and wear a belt of sheep, goat or dog hair, warm these zones with the help of heated flat river stones.Useful lumbar massage. Sitting on a chair or stool, massage the lumbar region at the waist level with your fists in both hands in circular motions for 3-5 minutes, until you feel the heat spread over the lower back and groin.

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