Penis Enlargement Cost – How Much Does it Cost to Get Larger Penis?

So how much does penis enlargement cost? And for a real truthful comparison, here’s a breakdown by method type. These tables below give cost range by different penis enlargement technique type. These process cost estimates are inclusive of your individual expenses, minus any hidden or additional costs.

The price depends on the technique you use. Surgery is the most expensive option out there, I will add. In surgery, the penis enlargement cost is dictated by the surgery type (open or closed) and the type of implant used (cast or silicone). I should note that the implants are very costly, so paying for the right one is key, no matter what type you go for.

penis enlargement cost

Average penis enlargement cost

What about the average penis enlargement cost by overall method? Penis pumps are the least expensive, and this is mostly because of their slow effect. Pumps work by sending blood into the penis to force it to grow. This is an average cost, meaning it’s not the slowest method and it’s not the fastest. But compared to the other cost factors it comes out on the low end.

Now we come to the costliest penis enlargement procedures out there. Surgeries are very expensive, and they vary depending on the surgeon’s experience and type of penis enlargement surgery performed. One example is jelqing, which is often done by surgeons with very little experience. The jelqing surgery has the highest reported cost of any penis enlargement procedure out there. Some people are willing to pay this much to make themselves larger, but others must be wondering how they will pay for it when they can get cheaper surgeries or simpler exercises for cheaper.

Surgery method

Another penis enlargement surgery method that has been mentioned recently is fat transfer. This is where fat is simply injected into the penis. To make it bigger. This isn’t a medically recommended procedure, as it does cause swelling and bruising. Also, since this is hardly ever done by plastic surgeons, the success rate isn’t that good. Surgeries are still the most popular method, and they have the most money-making potential, but this is far from ideal.

Another way to get more inches is by improving your sexual performance. By doing penis enlargement exercises you’ll both increase the girth and length of your penis, which will increase your sexual satisfaction (and thus your sex life). This also has the added bonus of boosting testosterone levels naturally. So if you’re looking to increase penis size without having to resort to dangerous cosmetic surgery or risky surgical procedures, you should definitely look into improving your sexual performance.